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Updated 09/06

Click on the link in the index to see the video clip.

Most of these were taken during the American Canoe Association instructor development workshop or exams.

I'm getting better at reducing file size...and the sound is always an issue, you might want to turn it down.

Also, practice at your own risk. These clips are meant to be watched and not a substitute for a qualified instructor.

Feedback appreciated!

When entering your kayak, stabilize it with your paddle. Use your paddle as an outrigger. When done correctly it won't come close to breaking the paddle!
  • Entering Kayak - Use your paddle as an outrigger (4 megs) Always make sure you can get out of your kayak.
  • Putting on the spray skirt - leave the grab loop out!
  • Wet Exit - Tuck, pull, push. Push the kayak off like a pair of pants. Add in - the bang-bang, wave-wave if you want a friend to give you a bow rescue!
  • Exit the Kayak (bit of lumpy water)

    Go sideways to get that candy bar from your kayak partner:

  • Forward Stroke - So many elements - use the larger muscles of your torso to start (10 megs)

    Low Brace, one of my favorites

    Your kayak is turning over? Start with this initial righting stroke. Shown in stages. Boat tilt (j-lean), tap, snap. When done in real life is all one motion. It's the snap that really counts.

  • Low Brace Florida, 2001(745 k)
  • Low Brace Turn Underway - Pivot quickly and/or use this to stabilize while you look behind (745 K)


  • Combine Strokes Low brace turn underway, forward stroke, side slip (1833 K)
  • High Brace- The low brace didn't work, you need to spear a small wave. Elbows in, elbows low, protect those shoulders. (787 K)
  • Stern Draw - Finish the forward sweep with this powerful placement.

    Sweep Strokes, pinwheels - - Turn in a complete circle - use the edge like spinning a dime.

  • Sweep Stroke or Pinwheel , FL, (2303 K)
  • Sweep Stroke 2 One the Hudson, a bit lumpier (1281 K)


    How fast can you perform a T-Rescue? When the water is cold, this is important!

  • T-Rescue - Cool evening near Deception Pass, WA 2003. (1878 k)

    Learning to roll the kayak can increase your confidence, save time, and contribute to safety. It's a muscle memory thing - find a qualified and experienced instructor to lead you through it the first time. Better yet, - Roll !


    Peel out, S-Turn - Snoqualamie Powerhouse (1444 k)

    This little video has a few elements. I am showing an S-Turn by leaving an eddie (peel out), going down stream, executing a turn, and entering an eddie on the other side.
    Note: My favorite way of peeling out:
    Use SAL - speed, angle (to the current and eddy line), lean (boat tilt, moon the current).
    Hold that edge while crossing the eddy line, feel the current sweep the bow.
    Have a low brace ready for a reflexive brace (at first you can just paddle over the eddy line using the forward stroke for stability).

    Next: Look where you want to go, rotate your torso in that direction. Take a short sweep on the other side (in this case the downstream side).

    Enter the eddy.

    Count how many strokes it takes you.

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Use a parallel ruler on your marine chart
  • Pool or Lake Slalom - set up gates to practice and train.
  • Coast Guard - Rescue demonstration of a swimming kayaker from a helicopter
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